The Spicy Thai Sauce. All you need to know

The Spicy Thai Sauce. All you need to know.

To speak of the spicy Thai sauce is to speak of Thailand, a country in Southeast Asia that, with its nature, its people and food, have allied with tourism to make its cuisine a gastronomic revolution.

Its food is characterized by basically using natural products. All local. Their street or restaurant dishes are a constant explosion of smells, colors and flavors. The red chili pepper, the pleasant smell of lime leaves, the peculiarity of coconut and ginger, along with the wide variety of aromatic and colorful tropical fruits make up part of the Thai recipe book.

What is Thai hot sauce and what is its origin?

The spicy Thai sauce is slightly thick, with a fresh touch of chives and cilantro, mainly bittersweet, although it spectacularly combines the five flavors, acid, bitter, salty, sweet and spicy without attacking the palate. Bright red. It goes very well with any type of meat, chicken, fish and shellfish.

Say Sweet and Spicy Thai Sauce, also known as Spicy Thai Sauce. Or sweet and sour Thai sauce. Behind this name we will find a great variety of recipes and combinations, united by a common element. The touch of fish sauce. So the spicy Thai sauce is a mixture of smells, flavors and colors that whet the appetite.

The spicy Thai sauce, as well as Thai cuisine, have their roots in the fusion of two cultures, India and China, lately influenced by Western culture. However, it has always maintained its own culinary culture, based on the solid use of its products. .

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Benefits of sweet and spicy thai sauce.

The balance in the amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals present in its main ingredients, the chili pepper, makes the spicy Thai sauce a stimulant of gastric and intestinal function.

It is antioxidant

Its high content of vitamin C eliminates free radicals, responsible for cell damage.


Strengthens the immune system

The variety of vegetables, roots and herbs present, give this sauce an anti-inflammatory power, improves the symptoms of arthritis, as well as other ailments of autoimmune origin. Just like cajun sauce.

Promotes weight loss

Due to its high content of capsaicin, an alkaloid that gives it its spicy flavor, it has analgesic powers, speeds up the metabolism, promoting the burning of calories. And it promotes the feeling of satiety.

Improves circulation

The capsaicin contained in hot peppers accelerates the blood flow, lowering blood pressure, and the vitamins A and C present in them, strengthen the walls of blood vessels

What is Thai hot sauce for?

Thai hot sauce helps us to highlight the flavors of the dishes. It can be used as a condiment to season chicken, fish and seafood. It is a sauce used in Thai cuisine as a complement to famous dishes such as Thai pork, spring rolls, fried chicken. It also serves as a complement and condiment for numerous Thai dishes and appetizers. excellent company for dishes of beef, pork, chicken wings, fish and seafood, on the fried tofu it dresses it with color.

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