SA•WAD•DEE in Maspalomas,

Do you want to find the number of a Thai food restaurant near you? Next we show you SA•WAD•DEE in Maspalomas !. Remember that you can order your food through the website or by calling the local phone number. Request your Thai food menu in Maspalomas now!

  • Average Rating: 4.1
  • Hours:
    Monday: 1PM to 1AM
    Tuesday: 1PM to 1AM
    Wednesday: 1PM to 1AM
    Thursday: 1PM to 1AM
    Friday: 1PM to 1AM
    Saturday: 1PM to 1AM
    Sunday: 1PM to 1AM
  • URL:
  • Phone Number: 692 34 76 73
  • Address: C. los Jazmines, 4, 35100 Maspalomas, Las Palmas,  Maspalomas
  • The restaurant in the map:

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