6 Thai drinks you should try

5 Thai drinks you should try

Staying hydrated is the key to surviving Thailand’s brutal and unrelenting heat. Here, discover the most delicious Thai drinks that you must try.



1. Coconut water

For those who do not know this drink yet, coconut water has a sweet and refreshing taste. Unlike other coconut products (such as oil and milk), coconut water is low in fat and has a light consistency that literally mimics water.

Dermatologist Dr. Erin Gilbert has stated that the vitamins in coconut water “have been shown to slow the rate of skin aging, allowing it to repair and restore itself more effectively.” The proteins present are responsible for promoting cell growth and activation.

Looking for a healthy drink? So, get yourself a glass of coconut water. It is certainly healthier than a glass of soda.

coconut water

2. Smoothies

Thailand’s smoothies are elaborate. From watermelon smoothies in your own watermelon bowl to a freshly blended combination of carrots, dragon fruit and more, you can’t go wrong ordering one of these drinks. Many of these smoothies are made with specific health benefits, for example you can order a pineapple orange apple smoothie to help with digestion. The wide variety of fruits in Thailand, plus the added freshness of the different delicious fruits that are grown throughout the year, will make you not want to part with these amazing beverages when you leave the Kingdom.

3. Coffee

Thailand has a variety of specialty coffees. On the one hand, this drink makes the list due to its abundance and availability. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, street stalls selling coffee from their carts might not be your best bet.

That said, though, many of these coffee stalls sell a great iced coffee for ฿25 (less than $1), so maybe it’s worth the discount. These stalls sell a variety of coffee, including lattes and mochas.

There are also many specialty coffee shops, especially in the more populated and more urban areas of Thailand.

4. Thai Iced Milk Tea

Chai yen is one of the most popular drinks in Thailand. Every morning, Thais across the country, whether traveling by train, motorcycle or boat, will have one hand swaying with the weight of bagged tea around their wrist.

Its bright orange color often scares foreigners, but don’t let its strange appearance stop you from enjoying this delicious drink. This tea is a combination of too much condensed milk and evaporated milk.

Although we are still unclear as to why it has this orange color, it doesn’t seem to cause any harm (don’t quote us on this), and it is certainly one of the tastiest drinks in Thailand.

Thai Iced Milk Tea

5. Grass jelly drinks

The whole of Thailand loves grass jelly. There are grass jelly desserts where chao kuai (black jelly) is mixed with ice and water before being sprinkled with brown sugar.

You can also add grass jelly to things like coconut ice cream, but our favorite way to ingest this strange ingredient is in our drinks.

The jello cubes are sliced and placed in plastic cups before your choice of beverage is added, which sometimes includes different teas, juices and more.

You’ll often see cups partially filled with jello weed, giving you the option of filling it with whatever you’d like.

Grass jelly drinks​

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